Purchasing A Refurbished Linear Accelerator

When starting to look for different linear accelerator options, it is important to take into account a variety of decision to make ahead. First and foremost is the cost of the accelerator itself. First, the best way to save while spending is to look for a refurbished linear accelerator. This will allow you to get the machine that you are needing at the right price.

How Does A Linear Accelerator Work?

Essentially, it uses a microwave technology to accelerate electrons in a wave which lets the electronics collide with a heavy metal target. This way, they are generating high-energy X-ray photons that move to the shape of the tumor and destroy the cancer tissues.

Determining whether to buy a new accelerator or look for refurbished linear accelerator ads is something that comes down to the specific needs and budget constraints within your facility. While you will know what to expect with new, a used linear accelerator equipment can also be great for practices who treat relatively few patients.

Listed below, you will find what to look for when buying a refurbished linear accelerator, we are listing the five most important reasons to make the decision.

Five Reasons to Buy a Refurbished Linear Accelerator

  1. Growing Your Practice Is Easier – Purchasing a used linear accelerator lets you help more patients and grow your practice by operating with a relatively older machine. When your business grows, you will be able to renew it with a completely new one.
  2. Flexibility – You can backup your existing system with a redundant and beam-based system. If a problem develops on one of your machines, you will be able to transfer your patients to another linear accelerator.
  3. Improvement – The money that you save when buying a refurbished linear accelerator can be used to improve the quality of the patient care that you provide. You can add new upgrades, technologies or staff.
  4. Strengthen – The uncertainty of looming reimbursement cuts lets you manage expenses, lowering your risk and strengthening your practice
  5. Peace of mind – If you know how to spot a top quality refurbished linear accelerator; chances are that you are going to use it for years. With a no-risk warranty, you can relax and have peace of mind.

Final Word On Buying Refurbished Linear Accelerators

So, if you are looking for buying a used linear accelerator, you should always work with a professional to receive personalized advice. Additionally, you should consider planning aspects such as building constraints, water supply or power supply – and create a timeline that works for you to have your new equipment fully installed.

Also, it pays off to know how long you are going to keep the machine and which manufacturers you prefer. All of these tips will help you find the best refurbished linear accelerator for your needs!

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