China Tax Exempts Radiation Equimpent From US Trade

Great news has come for manufacturers Varian, Accuray, and Elekta this week when China added medical linear accelerators to a list of 16 items that are exempt from the trade war that is currently happening with the U.S. Both parties are continuing to negotiate terms this week. In the article president & CEO of Varian, Dow Wilson shows gratitude with statement “Varian envisions a world without fear of cancer and we are committed to empowering our users to achieve new victories against cancer with our cancer care solutions. The exemption allows us to continue to focus on the fight against cancer.” In July, the U.S exempted other categories of medical devices such as surgical, radiotherapy and dental from the 25% tariff applied to Chinese goods. The article concluded with the list of the 16 additional items that are exempt from the tariff tax as well. This recent decision will allow cancer treatment and other cancer solutions to continue to progress and save millions of lives in the near future.